For us, smashing an iPhone is all fun and games. It's FUN-draising. See what we did there?

Unfortunately for 99.99% of the world, smashing your phone is legitimately a painful experience. Especially if the smash is somehow related to your own fall or tumble. The aftermath is not much better. Some people decide to trudge through life with an embarassing amount of tape holding their phones together. Other people do the smart thing and just replace their phones right away.

I'll be the first one to admit that I am a clumsy person. Maybe this Smash My iPhone project is jsut a way for me to overcompensate for that. Who knows. Either way, I find myself replacing my phone every 6-8 months so now I am an expert on how to replace your broken phone for the best price out there. I'll be your guide. Thank god, because there are a lot of guides out there that are bogged down with too much info! And there are a lot of wrong turns you can make out there, like this BGR article mentions.

The first secret is to buy something used. You can buy a refurbished phone but I'd advise against it. Buying an iPhone that is "used" means that someone bought a phone from Apple then is just passing it off to someone who could use it. Used? You can use it. Get it?

Okay, so now you're wondering where you find the person who bought the iPhone and just wants to sell it to you for cheaper. You want to meet some strange dude from Craigslist? No. This is where I say THANK GOD FOR THE MIDDLE MAN. I've used a company called Orchard for my last 3 phones and I'd recommend them to anyone. I started off replacing my broken phone with this iPhone 5 on sale right now. That lasted me a good long while but I found the screen a bit small for my liking so I ended up switching to the iPhone 6.

Have any questions about any of this stuff? Ask me ask me ask me!