CSGO Servers Down: How to Check if CS:GO is Down

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  CSGO servers down is a problem no one wants to run into when trying to get their fix of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

  For the most part, it's a problem the public can't regularly predict because that's just the nature of the game. Valve will announce ahead of time if there's a scheduled maintenance for the game so players don't get caught in the middle of a game during an update.

  For abnormal occurrences, there are some useful features and sites to check if you run into issues with logging in or playing ?CS:GO.

  There are three helpful third party sites to visit to check if ?the CS:GO servers are down. The first is ?DownDetector, the second is ?IsTheServiceDown and the last is ?Steam Status.

  Each site compiles fan reports of issues regarding servers. Each site is a great tool to see if anyone is encountering the same issues you're having.

  Also, be sure to use other social media sites to track whether or not CS:GO is down.

  Photo courtesy of Valve