Touchscreen Technology: Is it Really Useful?

The new features, options and technology that is offered with each new generation of smartphone may seem impressive at first, but countless users find that their investment is unable to provide them with an experience that really has anything useful to offer. Making use of your existing phone rather than investing in a flashy new model can provide you with a greater value and ensure that you are not wasting your money on a device that does not live up to the hype. Educating yourself regarding new products and devices will ensure that you do not make Read the rest of this entry »

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The Worst iPhone Apps for Chief Executive Officers

iPhone owners who possess a better understanding of the applications and resources that are available on the market today will be far more likely to avoid the most useless and ill conceived of the lot and ensure that a superior user experience is made available to them. Poorly written applications, options that lack quality features and other software that may prove to be little more than a waste of your time and effort are something you would do well to avoid. Educating yourself regarding the options you have available can bee an important consideration Read the rest of this entry »

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Pointless Technology and Its Effect on Society

While new technology and devices have certainly made a positive impact on society, pointless devices and gadgets that serve as little more than a distraction may be costing you far more than you might have realized. Wasting your time and money on devices that have little to offer could be costing you any number of opportunities to pursue more important matters or enjoy a greater number of social opportunities. Restricting your use of such technology and ensuring that you are Read the rest of this entry »

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The Most Expensive Annoying Piece of Technology Available Today

We all love our gadgets, but some of them that have recently become available to U.S. consumers are just ridiculous. While the rich and famous enjoy such expensive luxuries, normal American citizens often wonder if such items are worth the price tag. The Kohler Numi Toilet System is one of the most expensive pieces of technology that really shouldn’t have made it off the design table.

What is It?

The Kohler Numi Toilet System is a revolutionary product in the bathroom world. This toilet features a unique touchscreen system that allows its Read the rest of this entry »

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Men and Technology: How Annoying Gadgets Can Ruin Relationships

The greater abundance and sophistication of gadgets and digital devices may afford plenty of new opportunities for communication and entertainment. The degree that such technology is impacting our ability to socialize and enjoy the company of those who are nearby may quickly become an issue within the confine of a more serious relationships and social opportunities. Finding new ways to limit the use of such devices and ensure that conventional social opportunities and good manners are not completely forgotten could be Read the rest of this entry »

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Annoying Gadgets to Avoid for the Upcoming Year

Having access to the latest devices and hottest gadgets can provide users with a number of benefits. Learning more about what the new generation of smartphones, tablets and other devices have to offer can allow you to make a wiser selection and investment when it comes to buying new toys. Avoiding devices that have little more to offer than cheap gimmicks and annoying features will allow you to more easily find and make use of mobile devices that can offer superior performance or access to Read the rest of this entry »

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The Most Annoying Apps Available for iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you are certainly familiar with the large number of apps under a variety of categories on the iTunes App Store. Many of the apps available are largely useful, although there are several that are on the stupid side and that can be categorized as annoying, to say the least. Generally speaking, most of these apps fall under the Entertainment category and are usually downloaded by kids or adults with strange senses of humor. Here are some examples of annoying iPhone apps.

Air Horn Read the rest of this entry »

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